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AYork Designs

Documenting memories on the Go

The Goods

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Always adding inventory

I am always trying to add new and exciting items to my markets, whether it is an item I handmade or found in my adventures while traveling.

What I Sell


Multiple items inspired by life and Disney made from Resin.

Mixed Media


Journals made from upcycled paper products.

Memory Keeping


Curated items to help further your memory keeping and journaling going

Where will I be :



5th - I Heart Indie Markets Pop-Up

Location : Shades Brewing, SaltFire Brewing Co, and Beehive Distilling

5th, 6th, & 7th - Penny Lane Holiday Market

Location : Crescent Hall Venue (11020 S. State St. Sandy UT 84070)

Small Business Stall Shop

Currently Working On :

Sept 25th, 2022 -

This month I have been working on my market stall set-up. With markets having different sized stalls I've been trying to plan my booth setups for 8x5 and 10x10 spaces. Recently purchased some table display items and hope they will work for what I need.

October 15th - Things are starting to look up. I have made some changes to my booth setup and feel really good about it.

About AYork Designs:

AYork Designs was started in 2003 and has been growing little by little and has begun to add fun new ideas and items thanks to my children. We are a family run, Latina owned business that strives to bring new items that are handmade and curated with love. We welcome new ideas and request as we always want to have the things our customers are looking for.


Amethyst y Familia

EMail Me :

Looking for something specific or misses out on an item I had at a market - send me an me an email and I will try to have it in stock for the next event.